who are we

Digital Skills 21 Institution is a non-profit international scientific institution that aims to:

  1. Plan, organize, accredit, and evaluate digital skills and localize their training content.
  2. Raise the level of digital skills in the community to bridge the digital gap and bring about digital transformation.
  3. Empower the workforce with digital skills to build an inclusive digital knowledge economy.
  4. Grant accreditation to institutions and individuals for digital transformation, accredit training curricula and examinations, and issue certificates.


Work on integrating DS21 and DBS21 curricula as a subject in schools and universities, and assist millions of people around the world to obtain:

  1. The International Certificate for Digital Skills in the 21st Century (DS21).
  2. The International Business Digital Skills Certificate for the 21st (DBS21).
  3. A new Digital program in digital transformation and marketing.





  1. Succeeding in digital transformation by getting institutions to adopt digital transformation according to global standards.
  2. Empowering human resources with digital skills by enabling the nation’s youth with various digital skills programs and digital professions.
  3. Creating leaders in the digital age by producing a distinctive, successful, adaptable, creative generation, ready to keep up with all the outputs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond, its Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, as well as what the wireless communication revolution and its sixth generation (6G) entails, and the creations and innovations of the Intelligent Web.


  1. Quality and excellence for the betterment of work.
  2. Establishing and reinforcing the positive values of technology in the minds of the young generation.
  3. Building advanced digital social relationships that are subject to rational human thinking.


The leading institution that creates change and drives digital transformation according to global standards.