About us

Digital Skills 21 Institution is an international, non-profit, scientific organization dedicated to:

  • Planning, Organizing, Accreditation and Evaluation and organizing Digital Skills and localization of its training content.
  • Raise levels of Digital Skills in society to bridge the Digital Divide and to bring about Digital Transformation.
  • Empowering the workforce with Digital Skills to build a comprehensive knowledge-based Digital Economy.
  • Providing accreditation to institutions and individuals for digital transformation, Accreditation of the training curriculum and exams, and awarding certificates.



Helping millions of people around the world to get:

Get a new digital job and promotion in the work ladder.


Creating a Distinguished, Successful generation, Capable of Development and Creativity, Ready to meet all outputs that the 4th Industrial Revolution brings, what its Artificial Intelligence creates, and its  machine learning , and what the Wireless Communication Revolution (WR) offers, and its Intelligent Web.


Building the best integrated creative digital educational experience that leads the community towards quality, accuracy, efficiency and productivity.


  • Quality and excellence to achieve the best work.
  • Consolidating and enhancing positive technology values in emerging minds
  • Building advanced digital social relationships that are subject to human rational thinking

The future aspirations of the institution

Bridging the digital divide and transitioning to a knowledge-based digital economy.