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Digital Skills Program in the 21st Century DS21

There is a significant gap in digital skills in the 21st century, where millions of job opportunities are opening up around the world for those with advanced digital skills, but there is a shortage of qualified individuals. Therefore, we must learn new skills that guarantee us success in work and life in the era of ongoing digital transformation, and we must strive to possess these skills.

The Digital Skills21 Institution provides you with unparalleled educational experiences through 100 hours aimed at teaching the necessary digital skills in the 21st century in a smooth and simple manner

Modern educational programs designed for governments, institutions, education, and individuals.

Our Programmes

Develop your digital skills in the 21st century necessary for success in work and life
Exclusive programs

We Create The Future

Digital skills are the key to a successful future
Moving to a new field of work
Get a better job
Excellence in the competition arena

Advancement in the ladder of work
Expansion of the business
Entering a new career path

Digital skills program contains

Digital skills is the basis for innovation and progress

Digital skill


Practical Scientific Hour


Free tool


Globally Accredited


2 Years validity of the Certificate

100 interactive hours that cover all the necessary digital skills in the 21st century in a smooth and simple style. In addition to 100 of the most used and demanded programs, applications, and tools in the job market

It's the program that helps you create a generation
A Distinctive, Successful, and evolving creative generation, ready to keep pace with all outputs

Ready to meet all outputs

4th Industrial Revolution 4IR

And what her artificial intelligence AI creates
And teaching it to the Learning Machine

Communication Revolution WR

And what its sixth generation 6G carries and its Intelligent Web

Why is it necessary for me to have diverse digital skills?

Institutions, companies, schools, and the business sector recognize the importance of digital skills in the current era and strive to attract individuals with those skills in the twenty-first century. New employees must be multidisciplinary and equipped with a variety of digital skills to understand aspects of their work and the environment around them

100 Digital Skills

In 100 hours, it aims to teach the digital skills necessary in the 21st century in a smooth and simple way

International Certificate

The Digital Skills 21 Institution provides you with a certificate recognized in the Middle East and around the world, making it an important addition to your resume

100 free tools

The Program includes 100 of the most widely used and sought-after programs, applications and tools in the labor market

Develop your career path

The Program includes 100 of the most used and demanded programs, applications, and tools in the job market

Digital Skills21 Institution

The future is in your hands Digital Tansformation

The Digital Skills21 Institution provides digital transformation services based on correct scientific principles. Let's shape your unique and innovative digital path together. Talk to our experts today to take advantage of our expertise and transition your business into the digital world in an engaging and understandable way. Don't miss the opportunity.

Digital Skills21 Institution

Framework Digital Skills program

It is a framework for the digital skills program in the twenty-first century DS21 - issued by the Digital Skills Foundation road map Curriculum design for the Digital Skills Program Reference Practical and scientific to develop and disseminate digital skills in the world.

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A distinguished practical scientific trip

People will assess, judge, and form an impression of you based on how much distinctive digital skills you possess, through which you can have a strong presence on the internet.

Digital Skills in the 21st Century 

Digital Skills 21ST

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