Digital Skills 21 Framework

Digital Skills 21 Program

DS21 Program is a sustainable system (Training and Assessment) for


Digital Transformation


Digital Skills in the 21St century

Enables individuals and organizations to




Digital competence, Provides with 100 Digital Skills that lead to an increase





in Everyday Life and Work

What is Digital Skills 21 Framework ?

The Digital Skills Framework 21 was created to be:


Design the curriculum for the Program of Digital Skills in the 21st Century.

Practical and scientific

Reference to develop and disseminate digital skills in the world.

Who is DS21 For?





DS21 Combinations

DS21 is 100 Digital Skills that is the abstract of 3 combinations of:

Digital Literacy Refers To Having Knowledge You Need To Access, Understand, Manage, And Share Digital Content Safely Ethically, And Appropriately, And the Ability To Use Digital Devices And Technologies.

Digital Information Refers To Information That Leads To Educating The Individual Digitally, And Understanding All The Terms And Things Around Him In Digital World.

Digital Practices Focus On The Efficient Use Of A Range Of Technologies And Applications

Digital Project is a Set of Undertaking Carefully Planned Practices Which Can Be Done Individually or Cooperatively Aiming at Applying What Has Been Learned Confirming Information Confirming Experience & Increasing Practice.

A Set Of Digital Apps That Every Person Needs In Public And Practical Life, including A Set Of Useful Applications And Websites.

carefully selection of the most popular digital templates used in the work.

DS21 Dimensions

DS21 Framework Is Divided Into 8 Competence Areas

DS21 Cognitive Module and Skills

DS21 Program Contains 13 cognitive Module of 100 Digital skills

DS21 Framework Structure

Digital Skills 21 Framework - intro video


DS21 Consists 5 Types of Skills (5T Skills)

DS21 Certification Program And Framework Not Only Focuses On Purely Digital Skills, But Also Several Other Skills:

Digital Skills

Digital Knowledge
Digital Activities
Digital Tools

Communication Skills

Nonverbal communication
Written Communication
Verbal Communication
Presentation Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Planning and Managing Your Career

Soft Skills

Solving the Problem
Thinking Critically
Cooperation and Decision Making

Job Success Skills

Working Ethically
Managing Meetings
Research skills
Planning , Managing Meetings & Events
Understanding Financial Documents

New Learning Module (PORTS)

DS21 is Presented By a New Learning Module (PORTS) 5Based Learning

DS21 Assessment Path

Skills Evaluation
First step
Digital Skills 21 Test System

Take a Digital Skills 21 Test  (DS21T)on the Platform to assess a person's digital skills.

Preparatory course
Second Step
Preparatory course PreDS21

If a person does not have any digital literacy , he/she must take PreDS21 the preparatory course to begin DS21.

Third Step
Learn 100 Digital Skill

After the test report, the person will be able to learn DS21 through self-learning or through one of our accredited centers

Examination and Certification
Last Step
Obtaining the International Certificate of Digital Skills DS21

Final Exam for the DS21 and issuance of Certificate DS21 are hold by Digital skills21 institution or by accredited centers( online or physically)

DS21 Guarantees you the Future

Designed to cover

All the new digital skills for the 21st century that enable you to use digital devices and technologies efficiently and usefully, and to manage and share digital content effectively and creatively.

Designed to provide

With all the necessary knowledge, skills, concepts and tools that lead to increased accuracy, efficiency, quality and productivity and guarantee you success in life and work.

Digital Skill
Digital Knowledge
Digital Activities
Digital Tools
Digital (Literacy & Information)
Digital (Literacy & Information)
Digital (Practice &Project)
Competence Areas
Cognitive Module
Types of Skills (5TSkills)

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