Digital Skills for Education

Digital skills have become part of the educational process, whether for teachers or students.

We offer: The International Certificate in Digital Skills for Education for the 21st Century that improves your digital skills through

Advantages for educational institutions and teachers

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High-engagement, project-centric learning

Project-based learning results in greater depth of understanding of concepts, a broader knowledge base, improved communication and interpersonal and social skills, enhanced leadership skills, increased creativity, and improved writing skills.

Customizable solutions that match your requirements

We provide studies on each organization's digital skills needs in the 21st century, tailoring curricula to fit the needs.

Latest curriculum from industry experts and universities

The latest international curricula have been selected and approved by experts

Eliminate the digital gap

Presenting studies to decision makers and policy makers wishing to enhance digital skills in their countries, support digital development and digital transformation, and bridge the digital skills gap.

Digital planning of human resource

Provide studies to support organizations to take advantage of employees’ digital capabilities to achieve their goals and adapt them in planning their digital transformation strategies

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Digital Skills for Education

Education Planning

We provide studies on education planning to integrate ICT into teaching and learning, and help develop digital education transformation policy and implementation guides.