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We offer you the course that qualifies you to get

International Certificate for Digital Skills in the 21st Century

International Certificate for Digital Business Skills in the 21st Century

It is a unique practical scientific journey to acquire 100 digital skills within 100 hours that aims to help you:

that improve your skills
In the digital field through

100 Digital Skills

Within 100 hours of interactive practical training

100 Free Tools

It includes a set of programs, applications and templates

Designed to cover

All the new digital skills for the 21st century that enable you to

  • Use digital devices and technologies in an efficient and useful manner

  • It is the management and participation of digital content in an effective and creative way.

Designed to provide

With all the necessary knowledge, skills, concepts and tools that lead to increased accuracy, efficiency, quality and productivity and guarantee you success in life and work.

It is required for everyone at work or at home and for every profession, whether manual or automated, and all jobs will require digital skills, and whatever your profession, people will evaluate, judge and build an impression of you based on the amount of distinctive digital skills you have, through which you can have a strong presence on the Internet .

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Business sector

The business sector is looking for digital skills It is an opportunity to move to New job, better job



There is a major gap in digital skills in the 21st century, as millions of job opportunities open up around the world for those with advanced digital skills, but there is a shortage of qualified people, so we must learn new skills that guarantee us success in work and life in the era of continuous digital transformation. Therefore, we must seek to possess these skills, and therefore it is an opportunity to:

Moving to a new field of work

Get a better job
Excellence in the competition arena

Advancement in the ladder of work
Expansion of the business
Entering a new career path

Why is it necessary to have diverse digital skills?!

All institutions, companies, schools, and businesses realize that digital skills are essential for employees in the digital age, and therefore they are always searching for the person who has digital skills in the 21st century. It is more important than ever that new employees:

Hence it is necessary to strive to increase digital knowledge, and to be armed with new digital skills, having digital skills in the 21st century feels like entering a new country full of new habits. And the more digital skills you have, the better you can speak it.

The course consists of two levels, each level is 100 digital skills

Level 1
Basic Digital Skills

Level 2:
Advanced Digital Skills